Some Facts of the 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air…

Did you know…

    •  1954 was the first year the automatic transmission was available in all Chevrolet models.
    •  1954 was the last year for the exclusive use of the 6 cylinder engine, and the last year for 6 volt electrical systems in Chevrolets.
    • The 1954 grill teeth are the number one choice of street rodders to customize their grill. ‘54 Chev grill teeth are found in a lot of customized… Mercurys!
    •  1954 was the first year for power brakes, power seats and power windows.
    • 1954 was the first year that a coupe body style was not available. Business Coupes were a 2 door Sedan without a back seat. 
    • The 1954 Townsman Wagon was the last Chevrolet Station Wagon to use the imitation wood decor until the 1966 Caprice came along.
    • Calendar year sales for the 1954 Chevrolet totaled 1,414,352.